Mixed Feelings is a graphic novel series from Mparntwe (Alice Springs) by Arrernte and Anmatyerre man Declan Miller, co-founder of Stick Mob Studio.

Primarily aimed at a young adult (YA) audience but finding readers of all ages, the Mixed Feelings series began when Declan was still a teenager, with the first book being published before he finished high school! The story and his passion for storytelling continues here in Mixed Feelings Book 2!

Declan Miller talking about Mixed Feelings Book 2 for our Kickstarter campaign

Mixed Feelings is a supernatural coming-of-age story, that follows the life of Pam who, in a moment of overwhelming darkness,  encounters a mysterious stranger and their paths merge in weird, intense ways.

Now Pam must undergo deadly trials to hone her previously unknown powers while navigating time, space, and relationships in order to understand her past and what it all means for the future.

Backing or signal boosting our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign would help us get Declan (and Stick Mob’s) books into the heads of more readers around Australia and around the world.


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